Las Vegas Backgammon Club

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LVBC August 2023 Player of the Month

Al Hodis 67.5
LVBC 2022 Maxakuli Cup Champion

Tony Anton
LVBC 2022 Player of the Year

Al Hodis

  • Welcome to the Las Vegas Backgammon Club. We, generally, have tournaments at 6 PM every Tuesday evening. Late entries are usually available, the final spot typically sells out between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. $15 entries $10 reentries, 7 point matches, single elimination. Please bring a board if you have one (if you don't, we have extras).

    The Vegas BG Club venue
    Where: Our club meets at Meepleville Board Game Cafe -- 4704 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702)444-4540 (NE corner of Sahara & Decatur). Here is a reference map for Meepleville.

    Contact: Call Tony Anton at 702-458-0926 (after 4PM Tue, 702-720-7742) for more information.

  • Upcoming schedule and announcements:

    - The 2021 Maxakuli Cup photos
    Tony Anton vs Ron WertheimHoward Markowitz vs Greg West
    Brian Hoeft, Al Hodis and Ron WertheimTom Elgas and Tony Anton

    - The club will be dark on Tuesday, December 26, 2023

On September 12, 2023 we had 22 players in attendance.

  • Tournament #1 (16): 1/2-Tom Elgas 1/2-Johnny Jigamian
  • Tournament #1 (8): 1-Tom Horowitz 2-Howard Markowitz
  • Tournament #1 (8): 1/2-Jim Tighi 1/2-Tony Anton
  • Tournament #1 (8): 1/2-Ash Boorboor 1/2-Steve Babayoff

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Congratulations to Tony Anton for winning the 2022 Maxikuli cup. Tony has won the Maxakuli Cup Championship three years running! Wow!

Round #1

  • Al Hodis def Brian Hoeft
    (11 - 10)
  • Tony Anton def Ron Wertheim
    (11 - 9)
  • Tom Elgas def Dennis McFarlin
    (11 - 10)
  • Howard Markowitz def Greg West
    (11 - 5)

Round #2 (semi-finals)

  • Tony Anton def Al Hodis
    (11 - 9)
  • Tom Elgas def Howard Markowitz
    (11 - 6)

Round #3 (finals)

  • Tony Anton def Tom Elgas
    (11 - 6)

United States Backgammon Rules - 2019.

Las Vegas Backgammon Club Rules - Updated for 2023.

End of Night Rules (Time Crunch) - Updated for 2023.

22023 Standings - September 12

Top 8 qualify for the LVBC Tournament of Champions

Year Standings:
1.Al Hodis467.0
2.Dennis McFarlin433.0
3.Ron Wertheim379.0
4.Howard Markowitz352.0
5.Jayson Salus327.0
6.Ash Boorboor311.5
7.Jack Cohen299.0
8.Tom Elgas291.5
9.Tony Anton286.0
10.Paul Franks270.5

September Month Standings:
1.Tom Elgas28.5
2.Ash Boorboor24.0
3.Al Hodis19.0
4.Paul Franks17.5
4.Greg Nowak17.5
6.Tony Anton16.0
6.Steve Babayoff16.0
8.Tom Horowitz15.0

2023 season ends on Dec. 19.
Maxakuli Cup will be on Wed., Dec. 20.

Players of the month for past 12 months
Jul 2023Howard Markowitz56.5
Jun 2023Peter Bouman56.0
May 2023Steve Babayoff & Al Hodis59.5
Apr 2023Ron Wertheim52.5
Mar 2023Dennis McFarlin53.5
Feb 2023Dennis McFarlin46.0
Jan 2023Al Hodis63.0
Dec 2022Al Hodis38.5
Nov 2022Al Hodis63.0
Oct 2022Al Hodis47.0
Sep 2022Greg West47.5
Aug 2022Randy Ohel56.0

1000 to 1 Club 2023

Club members winning 10 or more matches in a row in 2023
July 18  Howard Markowitz12
June 27  Peter Bouman13
May 23  Al Hodis10
May 23  Steve Babayoff12
Mar 24  Dennis McFarlin11

VegasBG 1000 to 1 Club Members