Pictures taken by Tom Elgas on 24 June 2008.

Cy Yehros, Sam Orandle, and Don Dillingham
Getting ready to start... Jon Maxwell, Brian M., Dennis McFarlin, Jim Brier, Jason Lee, and Bob Sahagian
Tom Elgas' lady friend with a big mouthful of who knows what
Tom Elgas, who only takes pictures of himself on days he wins the tournament
Steve Fox and Greg Adamavich
Jim Pappas, Sam Orandle, and Bob Sahagian
Larry Keating and Claude Marbleu
Glen Arnold and Don Dillingham
Martine Oules and Sandee Herlands, who blinked at the wrong time
Jocelyne Sabag and Jim Brier
Jon Maxwell and Cy Yehros
Bob Sahagian plays Jim Pappus, while Sam Orandle's head and Jason Lee's arms look on
Dennis McFarlin and Don Dillingham
Jim Pappas and Sandee Herlands
Jim Brier and Cy Yehros
Martine Oules, Claude Marbleu, and Larry Keating
Jason Lee and Greg Adamavich
Jon Maxwell and Jocelyne Sabag
Jim Brier and Tom Elgas in the finals