Pictures taken by Tom Elgas on 19 and 26 August 2008.

Dennie Fidler and Tony Anton
Steve Diano and Tom Elgas
Steve Fox, Glen Arnold, and Jason Lee
Cy Yehros and Don Dillingham
Bob Haskell and Tim Metivier
Brian Hoeft doing some grading
Paul Franks and Bob Sahagian
Lou Brooks and an out-of-town visitor
Jim Brier and Dennis McFarlin
Dennie Fidler and Tony Anton
Jim Brier and Jim Pappas
Jason Lee and Rocky Kaya
Sandee Herlands and Cy Yehros
Don Dillingham and Bob Sahagian
Brian Hoeft looks for a miracle roll against Ed Lopez
Steve Diano and Dennis McFarlin
Glen Arnold against a visitor
Larry Keating and Sam Orandle
Tom Elgas and Jason Lee